Vocal Ensemble for Music of the Middle Ages
at the Speyer Cathedral
The first CD was published in October 2000 in cooperation with the "Dombauverein Speyer e.V." entitled:


Marian chants and old-time organ music at the Speyer Cathedral

  It contains the following:
(Klick for listening examples.)
  1. Antiphon "Salve Regina"
  2. Canzon for organ (H.L. Hassler)
  3. Benedic anima mea (Graduel from the Cathedral of Auxerre)
  4. Orbis factor (Graduel d'Aliénor de Bretagne)
  5. Gloria from the Missa "Cum iubilo" with tropes and organ versets (G. Cavazzone)
  6. Graduale "Felix namque es"
  7. Alleluia "Ave Maria"
  8. O viridissima virga (Hildegard von Bingen)
  9. Offertorium "Ave Maria"
  10. Communio "Maria Virgo" + Psalm 148
  11. Hymnus "Ave maris stella"
  12. Ave Maria, o auctrix vite (Hildegard von Bingen)
  13. Magnificat with organ versets (H.L. Hassler)
  14. Antiphon "Salve Regina"

The organ instrumentals have been recorded in the crypt of the cathedral on an organ made by Rémy Mahler, in some cases accompanied by the Schola in an alternatim mode. The purely vocal pieces are sung by the Schola in the apsis of the cathedral. The vocal soloist of the Kyrietropus and the chants of Hildegard von Bingen is Monika Keggenhoff accompanied on the organ by Christoph Keggenhoff. (Playing time: 66:40 min)

The CD is available at the Pavilion at the Cathedral (Am Domplatz, D-67346 Speyer, Tel. ++49 - 6232 / 77179) or directly at the Dombauverein Speyer e.V.. The proceeds are being used for the restauration of the cathedral.

Regrettably, the CD is out of print at present. However, a second issue is planned an we will inform you on this website in due time.