Vocal Ensemble for Music of the Middle Ages
at the Speyer Cathedral

Curriculum vitae

Milestones in the formation of the ensemble
(The numerous appearences during divine services in the Speyer Cathedral and the region are only being mentioned for special events.)

Date Location Event Reviews (in German)
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September 29, 2022 Speyer Cathedral,
Concert "Jubilate Deo" as part of the International Music Festival Dom zu Speyer 2022
Die Rheinpfalz,
Die Rheinpfalz,
January 12, 2019 Speyer Cathedral Concert in the series "Cantate Domino" together with all groups of the Cathedral Music
Die Rheinpfalz,
December 8, 2018 Speyer Cathedral Concert in the series "Cantate Domino" together with Philipp Kaufmann, organ
Die Rheinpfalz,
February 24, 2018 Speyer Cathedral Concert in the series "Cantate Domino" together with Adrian Brech, organ
Die Rheinpfalz,
February 23, 2018 Edith Stein Church Wachenheim Benefit concert in favour of the organ in St. George, Wachenheim
Die Rheinpfalz,
October 2, 2016 Speyer Cathedral Concert as part of the International Music Festival 2016 Dom zu Speyer
Die Rheinpfalz,
November 6, 2015 Speyer Cathedral "Mein Seele macht den Herren groß" - 20 Years Schola Cantorum Saliensis
Concert in cooperation with the women's ensemble Musica InSpira
Die Rheinpfalz,
Die Rheinpfalz,
October 11. 2014 Speyer Cathedral Gregorian Chant to music of Anton Bruckner in the framework of the final concert of the International Music Festival 2014 "Dom zu Speyer"
Die Rheinpfalz,
June 1, 2014 Spiritual Center Maria Rosenberg, Waldfischbach-Burgalben Performance as part of the Rosenberg Music Festival together with the Saxophonist Sebastian Degen
Die Rheinpfalz,
March 3, 2013 ex-Abbey Church St. Peter and Paul, Wissembourg (France) Benefit concert for the clubs "Les amis de l'orgue Dubois" and "Women and Children in Need"
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace,
September 22, 2012 Speyer Cathedral Romanesque Night as part of the International Music Festival 2012 "Dom zu Speyer" (Details see the Festival Flyer, page 15)
Die Rheinpfalz,
September 19, 2011 Speyer Cathedral
Concert in the framework of the International Music Festival 2011 in combination with the chamber music of Olivier Messiaen "Quatour pour la fin du temps" performed by Mutare Ensemble
Die Rheinpfalz,
Die Rheinpfalz,
September 28, 2010 Speyer Cathedral Concert in the framework of the music festival "Dom zu Speyer" Vox cathedralis - The Voice of the Cathedral. Gregorian Chant, coupled with improvisatory music of the saxophonist Markus Zaja from Essen, Germany.
Die Rheinpfalz,
June 15, 2008 Monastery Church Bursfelde Joint performance with the women's ensemble "Musica InSpira" on the occasion of the Bursfelde Summer Concerts 2008
Mündener Allgemeine, 2008-06-16
December 16, 2006 St. Paulin, Trier Christmas benefit concert in favour of Nestwärme e.V. Deutschland
Website of Nestwärme e.V. Deutschland
November 12, 2006 St. Johannes, Oberasbach (near Fürth) Concert "The Speyer Hymnal of 1599"
Website of the Archbishopric Bamberg
August 6, 2006 Speyer Cathedral Pontifical Divine Service on the Feast of the Lord's Transfiguration and the 900th anniversary of Emperor Henry's IV. death
Der Pilger,
2006-08-13 (Text)
Der Pilger,
2006-08-13 (Picture)
December 17, 2005 Peace Church St. Bernhard, Speyer Officium for the Deads, Requiem and Burial of Cathedral Chapter Dean Hugo Büchler
Die Rheinpfalz,
June 10, 2005 Speyer Cathedral
concert poster
Concert with the women's ensemble Musica InSpira on the occasion of "10 years Schola Cantorum Saliensis" + CD presentation
Die Rheinpfalz,
Speyerer Morgenpost,
May 30, 2005 Former Rommersdorf Abbey (near Neuwied/Koblenz) Engagement in the course of the "Cloister Concerts"
April 23, 2005 Basilika of the former Otterberg Abbey
(near Kaiserslautern)
Concert on the occasion of the emission of the CD to the Project "1599"
Die Rheinpfalz,
March 18, 2005 Speyer Cathedral Engagement in the course of the dismissal of the Cross for the XX. World Youth Day Cologne 2005 from the Speyer diocese
Pressestelle Bistum Speyer,
March 12, 2005 Speyer Cathedral Musical adornment on the occasion of 10 years Dombauverein Speyer
Die Rheinpfalz,
October 10, 2004 St. Laurentius,
Contwig near Zweibrücken
Concert "Cantate, iubilate" with focus on Gregorian Chant and songs of Hildegard von Bingen in the course of the festival "Euroklassik 2004"
Zweibrücker Rundschau,
November 15, 2003 Diocese Building, Speyer Festival function on the 1250th anniversary of the death of St. Pirminius
Der Pilger,
July 20, 2003 St. Barbara Church Ruin at Karlsbad-Langensteinbach near Karlsruhe Benefit performance for the conservation of the St. Barbara Ruin
Badische Neueste Nachrichten,
February 15, 2003 Trifels fortress at
Performance on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition: "Imperial cathedrals along the Rhine river" in the imperial hall of the Trifels fortress
Speyerer Morgenpost,
May 24, 2002 Speyer Cathedral Concert on the occasion of the "Speyer Night of Culture 2002"
Der Pilger,
February 18, 2002 Speyer "The oldest Speyer hymn book returns".

Performing of some samples in the Library of the Episcopal Seminary of St. German on the occasion of the hymn book's presentation to the press
Performance of these samples in the Speyer Cathedral to be recorded by the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) for the regional TV program
Die Rheinpfalz,
Speyerer Tagespost,
February 10, 2002
Diocese Building, Speyer Table-music at the banquet on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Dr. Anton Schlembach, Bishop of Speyer
Pressestelle Bistum Speyer, 2002-02-07
October 21, 2001 Speyer Cathedral
Concert poster
Concert "Exaudi Domine" in cooperation with Victoria L. Walker (vocal soloist, string instruments), Monika Keggenhoff (vocal soloist) and the women´s project group of the Schola Cantorum Saliensis
Speyerer Tagespost,
Die Rheinpfalz,
Musica Sacra, 6/2001
October 19, 2001 Friedrich-Spee-Haus, Speyer Ceremony on the occasion of the marking for the Jakob´s pilgrims course through Palatinate
Die Rheinpfalz,
June 10, 2001 Ludwigshafen-Ruchheim Concert at St. Cyriakus at the newly restored Johann-Georg-Geib-Organ, dated 1818 , within the framework of the concerts in support of the restauration Geib organ
October 22, 2000 Speyer Cathedral
Concert to start the sale of the CD "O clemens o pia"
Die Rheinpfalz,
Die Rheinpfalz,
Speyerer Tagespost,
May 15 - 23, 2000 Speyer Cathedral
(crypt, apsis)
Recording of the CD "O clemens o pia" during the night hours CD production
August 29, 1999 Gedächtniskirche Speyer Final Concert at the Ecumenial City Church Convention
Die Rheinpfalz,
Die Rheinpfalz,
1999-08-31 (2)
Speyerer Tagespost,
June 6, 1999 Liedolsheim protestant church Musical adornment for the retirement ceremony of minister Artur Woll

Minister Woll did the coloration of the steel engraving on the CD cover of: "O clemens o pia" by Schola Cantorum Saliensis.
liedolsheim church
October 4,1998 Cloister Church of Enkenbach Supplying the musical background of a divine service on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the monastery of Enkenbach Enkenbach cloister church
June 6, 1998 Münsterschwarzach Abbey Musical adornment of an oblation ceremony (integration of an oblate into the Benedictine order) muensterschwarzach abbey
June 29, 1997 Leutkirch Schola Cantorum Saliensis visiting with Gregorian Schola of St. Martin

Joint divine service arrangement at the High Feast of St. Peter and Paul
Group photo in Leutkirch
December 8, 1996 Speyer Cathedral Joint divine service arrangement with the Gregorian Schola of  St. Martin, Leutkirch
Die Rheinpfalz,
December 10, 1995 Speyer Cathedral First performance at a divine service Poster 10.12.1995
September 14, 1995 Speyer Foundation of the Schola Cantorum Saliensis