Vocal Ensemble for Music of the Middle Ages
at the Speyer Cathedral

The imperial cathedral of the Salians at Speyer is destined for the sacred music of the Middle Ages, in particular the Gregorian Chant. This is based not only on its ranking in the history of art and culture (foundation 1030) but above all on its special acoustics.

Since 1995 the Schola Cantorum Saliensis ("Singing School of the Salians") has made the presentation and integration of the Gregorian Chant into the lithurgic context its task.

The heart of the Schola Cantorum Saliensis consists of eight members:


Christoph Keggenhoff

Mitglieder der Schola Cantorum Saliensis
front, left to right: Stefan Serr, Bernhard Hock
back, left to right: Christoph Keggenhoff, Diethard Keller, Christoph Siegler, Hans-Jürgen Goebelbecker, Rolf Sarafin, Ulrich Kluger


Hans-Jürgen Goebelbecker
Bernhard Hock
Diethard Keller +
Ulrich Kluger
Rolf Sarafin
Stefan Serr
Christoph Siegler

We mourn the death of Diethard Keller.
Completely unexpectedly, our founding member Diethard Keller passed away at the beginning of February 2023. He was very much regarded by all members of the Schola not only as a reliable and always ready singer, but also as a unique man with his emotional and social competence, coupled with his distinctive sense of humor.
Dear Diethard, we will miss you.

Several members have absolved studies in sacred music, musical science or theology, and a basic knowledge of the Gregorian semiology according to the school of Eugene Cardine. Thus the Schola Cantorum Saliensis has set itself the goal of a historically adequate interpretation of the Gregorian Chant.

Since the Speyer cathedral is a Marian church, Middle Age Marian vocal works beyond the Gregorian Chant are a further focal point of the Schola Cantorum Saliensis: the chants of Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179), the Ecole de Notre Dame (Paris, from the 12th century on), and the Cantigas de Santa María (Spain, 13th century) up to the Cantus planus (into the 18th century) encompass the span of the music. To enhance typical characteristics of this music - e.g. antiphony and early polyphony - the Schola Cantorum Saliensis cooperates on special occasions with the women's ensemble Musica InSpira.

A number of vocal pieces dated later than the Gregorian times may very well be accompanied by bourdon tones. For this purpose the Schola Cantorum Saliensis uses since 2005 on special occasions a wheel fiddle, built by Helmut Seibert. (Details to the instrument)

The Schola Cantorum Saliensis predominantly performs in the Speyer cathedral, however will also take on engagements out of town now and then.

Are you interested to join the Schola Cantorum Saliensis?
Qualified vocal reinforcement is quite welcome.